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SERVICESwhat we do….

Community Art Space

The Salvagery Reno comprises over 22,000 square feet of fully serviced, alarmed, sprinkled mixed use art space accessible to the whole community to use for projects, rehearsals, and more..

Collaborative Environment

In the spirit of Burning Man, the Salvagery allows groups to work together and with each other, sharing knowledge, inspiration and resources so that everyone can attempt bigger, crazier projects than they could ever dream of achieving on their own.

Shared Resources

With over 600 amps of power service, a huge number of tools, heavy machinery and common wood and metal shops, the Salvagery allows artists access to a range of tools and supports not typically available in their own garden sheds and garages.

Diverse Projects

We believe in diversity and maximizing all our users inspiration and creative vision by hosting and supporting an ever changing mix of exciting, challenging projects that span all artforms.

Current Projects

All action all the time, an ever changing mix of projects at the Salvagery Reno.

Alex Grey Gallery & Workshop space – the Garden of Visions

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Alex Grey Gallery & Workshop space – the Garden of VisionsAlex Grey/Area 51/IAM

Tower of Nowhere

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Tower of NowhereA-Pealing to the Community

Burn Wall Street

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Burn Wall StreetBanking laid low